Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DIY Retro Coasters

I found these white, glossy porcelain tiles in the shed when we moved into our house. A whole entire box of them! So naturally I began brainstorming what I could make out of them. I saw some decopodge coasters somewhere in my endless blog stalking... and DH and I are known for our strict coaster policy..you can never have enough coasters so I decided that would be a great project.

First I put a thin coat of decoupage medium on the tile.

Then I covered it with things that I had cut out of an old dictionary. This one is for my future sister-in-law so I put an M for her name, the definition of her name, and then all the pictures start with the letter M. I also made some coasters from an old cook book.

After covering the tile I put 4 or 5 thin coats of the medium on top. Then I used very fine sand paper to smooth out the top once it had dried. I found felt circle stickers at Lowes that worked great for putting on the back of the tile.

Ta Da! So cute coasters here is the cost break down:
Tile: Free
Decoupage medium: $3.79
Felt circles: $.99
Cook Book and Dictionary from a thrift store: $2.00
Total Cost: $6.78

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  1. Ack...these are adorable and thrifty too! Love that! You should link up to Frugalicious Friday! This day is for thrifty n' crafty blogger's just like you!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous