Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cleaver Crafty Cheap does a baby "Sprinkle"

When I found out that my good friend from elementary school was expecting number two! I jumped at the chance to host a cleaver, crafty, and cheap "Sprinkle" in her honor. Even though I would spend thousands if I could the truth is times are tight but thats no reason not to have any fun!

Here's my one splurge. I found this adorable website where you can make carton images in your likeness. When I was done with the invite it looked EXACTLY like my friend Karen. I even tested it on her three year old and he said "That looks like my mommy." (If your wondering why it looks wonky it's because I removed personal info) I splurged a bit on these because I was totally in love with them. These cost about $30.00 . In this case the clever out weighed the cheap side of me.

Karen's a big rubber ducky fan so I went with a yellow/teal color scheme (I did not choose the table cloth color) with rubber ducks. The center pieces were made with round candle holders from the dollar store, rubber ducks, marbles from the dollar store, and scrapbook paper cut into various sized circles for the confetti. The overall price for the center pieces was about $8.00. Cheap!

I really wanted something with a duck on the top of the cupcakes but believe it or not that was hard to find. Well, hard to find for a price I was willing to pay. Time to get crafty! These were made using cardstock, a rubber stamp, markers, and coffee stirrers. The best part is a friend of mine let me borrow all the scrapbooking supplies so I only was out the cost of paper, stirrers, and a $1.oo duck stamp. Since my friend Karen can not have gluten I had to get clever with the cupcakes. I made two kinds with and without gluten. I marked the gluten free with a dark teal topper. Then I added little teal sprinkles give the feeling of bubbles. Making cupcakes beats the price of buying them any day. The icing was actually quite easy to make and piping on with a large star tip makes them look straight from a bakery.

To display the cupcakes I borrowed two of my mom's cake plates. (Borrowed=free yay) The varying heights made a great display in the window. I scattered some more of my hand made confetti
underneath for more colorful fun!

Finally the favors! I made these adorable candies using a candy mold and candy melts. It was really easy. I had done some searching online for duck related favors but as usual I couldn't find anything for a price I was willing to pay. The hardest part about making the candies was keeping my husband from eating them all!

Although I knew the baby was going to be a boy, I think these colors/theme could easily be used for a gender neutral shower. Throw in some pink and it would also be perfect for a little girl! Hosting this shower was so much fun and it's always great to make someone you care about smile!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Time No See...half bath redo!

Finally a post!!! Yeah, sorry I suck I will try to do better I promise! But enough with the the begging for forgiveness for being a bad bad blogger....on to the half bath!

Why is it that I always manage to forget the before picture... ugh so disappointing. This one came from my phone it's not very good quality but you can get an idea about how dark and cave like this little bathroom was. Not to mention the horrible vanity and striped wall paper yuck!

And here is the after. Ta da!

Breaking it down where did it come from how much did it cost?:

Mirror: thrift store find 3$ primed and painted white
Sink: 50$ Lowe's The pedestal really freed up some space in this tiny room.
Faucet: 32$ Lowe's
Lights: Unsure of the price but again they are from Lowe's. The globes are hard to see in the picture but they are clear with bubbles. I though this went well with the watery feel of the room.
Tile: hmm I don't remember less that 1$ a square foot from Lowe's
Basket shelf: free! My grandmother didn't want it anymore so I spray painted the metal part white and it fit perfectly!
Paint: color is Benjamin Moore, Pool Blue. I got a lot of crap for the brightness of this color but it's such a tiny room why not! I love it and that's all that matters.
Floating shelves: Target
Towel Holder: Target clearance $3.50
Toilet Paper Holder: Ikea
Other: The picture was my inspiration for the color of the room. I got this at a festival for 12$. The small white koi on the shelf is actually a salt and pepper shaker from Target. I really wanted a little white koi and it was perfect! No one has to know he belongs in the kitchen. The orange reed diffuser was DIY (vase+ liquid potpourri+ skewers). The night-light air freshener was a gift from a friend. It's a Scentsy, the white ceramic was just perfect for this room.

So there you have it! I can go into details about the demolition and the layers and layers of old flooring we removed but that's the boring stuff. If you have any questions about anything or your wondering how we tiled, painted, stripped wall paper, etc comment below and I will see if I can answer your question.

Here are some pictures of the process:

Here is DH tiling:And here he is mixing grout:
And here I am grouting tile:

Hope you enjoyed this post!