Sunday, July 12, 2009

Half Bath Remodel

It's been a busy weekend. Evan and I are remodeling the tiny half bath under the stairs. The project began weeks ago when I removed the wall paper and painted. I also replaced the light fixture. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself....first things first I decided to remove the vanity so we could put in a pedestal sink. Back then the plan was to leave the linoleum to buy us time until we decided to tile. Well after removing the vanity there was a nice rectangle hole in the floor where it used to be. So plans were revised....remove the linoleum, lauan, AND 50,000 staples then go ahead a tile. Oh and did I mention in order to do that the trim had to be removed as well? So I ripped off the trim, and the linoleum, AND the lauan. SURPRISE! you guessed it more layers! This time it was linoleum and plywood. So out it goes! That layer put up a fight and didn't want to come out. A piece was stuck between the wall and the toilet water supply valve (and it remained that way for about a week). After a visit home and some borrowed saws from the FIL we got that stubborn piece out and there it was....the subfloor YAY!!

Finally this weekend tiling was underway. We got up on Saturday and second guessed our abilities so we called a handy friend of ours who came over to help. (We ended up monopolozing his entire day...what a good friend) We layed 13x13 tile on the diagonal using a score and snap to cut. This is the cheapest tool you can buy to cut tile but it's a lot of work and takes more time so next time we will most likely rent a wet saw. Anyway, the boys laid the thin set and the tile while I stayed out of the way (did I mention it's a tiny bathroom?) and cleaned out the closet in the family/sun room so we could install shevles (our other weekend project).

Today we headed to the home improvement store once again to pick up trim for the bathroom, plywood for the shelves, and look at pedestal sinks. That's when we realised like every project, the sink wasn't going to be as easy as we had hoped it would be. We didn't take into account that the studs need to have a support beam between them where you hang the sink. There is a posibility that it's already there (cross your fingers), but if not it means cutting out a chunk of the dry wall installing a small piece of wood between the studs and then patching the drywall. We are not at all confident in our dry wall repair skills so we are hoping that the former is true. I will keep you posted on that one.

For now I am busy cleaning up grout and helping Evan finished up the shelving in the family room. As soon as the projects are complete I will post pictures, discriptions, and the cost of everything we did. Stay tuned!

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